Mini-Split Installation In Fullerton, CA

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Mini-Split Installation In Fullerton, Placentia, La Mirada, CA and Surrounding Areas

Mini-splits have become a popular option for homeowners looking to improve energy efficiency and reduce utility bills. These systems offer several advantages over traditional HVAC systems, including ease of installation, energy efficiency, and flexibility. The primary difference between a mini-split unit and a central AC system is that you can install a mini-split system in a space without ductwork connection. Give Jamison Heating & Cooling Services’ experts a call today for all your Mini-Split Installation needs!

Mini-Split Installation

If you’re considering a mini-split system for your home, it’s important to choose an HVAC contractor that is trained, certified, and knowledgeable specifically about mini-split installation and repair. Technicians should understand how best to integrate a mini-split system into an existing central HVAC. If you don’t have any heating and cooling, their professional expertise in designing a mini-split system is critical!

That’s where Jamison Heating & Cooling Services can help. Working with homeowners in Fullerton, Placentia, La Mirada, CA, and surrounding areas, we are your one-stop shop for all your mini-split installation jobs.

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What is a mini-split?

A mini-split is a scalable way to add cooling or heating to specific rooms of a home. Mini-split systems consist of one or more wall, floor, or ceiling-mounted indoor units that connect to an outdoor compressor.

Installation is more accessible than a complete ducted system, taking less time. Installation labor costs are reduced as less manpower is required to install these smaller-footprint units. There are less connections, seals to braze together, and components to deal with. Thus, the system is easier to commission.

Efficiency and Performance

Mini-split systems are more efficient than central HVAC systems. A mini-split system cannot control the temperature in your entire home – only the rooms where they are installed. But, each room’s temperature can be customized from zone to zone. No more arguments when a family member is hot or cold!

Mini-split systems do not waste energy struggling to make all rooms the same temperature because the air is not lost through ductwork.

Which mini-split is right for you?

Southern California homeowners are opting for mini-split systems as they improve energy efficiency and reduce utility bills. These super-efficient systems offer numerous advantages compared to traditional HVAC systems. Homeowners can expect ease of installation, increased energy efficiency, and greater flexibility in rooms where these are installed.

Determining if a mini-split is right for your needs lies on your home’s specific heating and cooling requirements. Mini-split systems are great for room additions, conversions, or areas that don’t get sufficient airflow due to a home’s architecture.

Mini-splits are popular in climates where homeowners don’t rely on an HVAC system to stay comfortable. Jamison Heating & Cooling Services in Fullerton, Placentia, La Mirada, CA, and other surrounding areas can work with you to design a mini-split system just right for your entire home or just one room.

What are the objections to utilizing a mini-split?

The most significant disadvantage to installing a mini-split system is the cost. Mini-split systems costs can seem steep. Often local utility companies offer energy rebates to offset the initial expense of purchasing and installing these energy-efficient units. The only room that will receive conditioned air is the one where the indoor unit is installed. Unlike central air, no air vents nor ductwork move air throughout the home.

What are the pluses of installing a mini-split?

The in-room mini-split does all the work for that particular zone. Mini-split systems are great for single-room applications, add-ons, garages, workshops, and family rooms or entertainment quarters. They also can be used for multiple rooms, including an entire house, if multi-zoned systems are installed. Air handlers in a multi-zone mini-split system all feed off the same condenser, yet they all perform independently of each other. Mini-split systems are an outstanding solution for remodeling projects.

Energy savings is the most significant advantage. Multi-zone models can be set to different temperatures since each has a designated thermostat. If there is a space that only gets used occasionally, why waste money conditioning that space?

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