Heating Maintenance In Fullerton, CA

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Heating Maintenance In Fullerton, Placentia, La Mirada, CA and Surrounding Areas

We don’t have to tell you how overworked your HVAC units are here in Southern California. Your heating system is bound to have issues eventually. But getting on a regular maintenance plan can keep your system running smoothly and save you money on surprise repairs. Jamison Heating & Cooling Services‘ preventative maintenance plans are much like checking in with your dentist. Getting your teeth checked and cleaned regularly will prevent serious dental problems.

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When our contractor visits your home, they will perform a multi-point inspection. These tune-ups will help maximize the life of your system. Jamison Heating & Cooling Services inspects your heater, cleans the system, and repairs it if necessary. Heater maintenance is just a phone call or text away if you are in Fullerton, Placentia, La Mirada, CA, or the surrounding areas.

Our technicians can be on-site in no time and will quickly diagnose the issue relating to your heater. We carry the latest diagnostic equipment to pinpoint your problems. Our service trucks contain a comprehensive set of parts to save time and money. During heating maintenance, if a particular component needs to be ordered, we can generally have it delivered and installed within a day.

Jamison Heating & Cooling Services is licensed and insured, and employees take pride in our HVAC maintenance services. With us, you can rest assured we will maintain your heating system and pinpoint any potential problems. Our expert technicians will provide top-notch service for your heating system, logging all repairs and services along the way. This way, we can keep a record of the condition of your furnace or air handler. Precision repairs will be more straightforward with this documented history to reference.

Heating Maintenance In Fullerton, Placentia, La Mirada, CA and Surrounding Areas

Choose Jamison Heating & Cooling Services for your furnace's upkeep – you won't regret it!

Sometimes your heater requires more than DIY maintenance

Changing air filters is a DIY maintenance job. But, it can be dangerous if you don’t maintain your gas furnace correctly. Don’t try to fix the heater yourself – only an experienced contractor should do this job. Without proper experience, electrical or gas repairs can become very dangerous.

Get on a Preventative Heater Maintenance Program

Your HVAC system is an investment. Your comfort system is likely one of the most expensive appliances you own. We offer affordable preventative maintenance so that we can help you keep your unit in good condition and make the most of your investment. Give us a call today to enroll in a program that meets your budget and needs.

Experience helped build our solid reputation

For over ten years, Jamison Heating & Cooling Services has provided families in Fullerton, Placentia, La Mirada, CA, with expert heater maintenance services. At our company, we don’t just look at our customers as people who pay us for a service. We see them as family.

Call Jamison Heating & Cooling Services now if

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You hear strange noises

Is your furnace or air handler making strange noises like knocking or rumbling? These sounds could signify a gas leak, carbon monoxide build-up, or damaged parts that will only worsen over time.

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You see flickering or a yellow flame

Part of your heater service includes checking the flame on the burner. A furnace with a healthy blue flame is considered normal, while a red, orange, yellow, green, or purple flame indicates a problem. A blue flame means the fuel is burning safely and efficiently. If you check the flame and see that it is flickering, shut off your heating system immediately and call Jamison Heating & Cooling Services.

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When you set your heater, the air is cool, or the air never gets warm enough

If your heating system isn't effectively heating your home, give us a call. The fan motor, the thermocouple, or the pilot light may need to be replaced.

A heating service appointment should entail the following

One of our certified contractors will test and clean your home’s heating system from top to bottom. We guarantee that you will always receive a comprehensive inspection.

  • Cleaning and adjusting the burner assembly inside your furnace
  • Cleaning and inspecting the ignition parts of your furnace
  • Testing and cleaning of the heat exchanger and its elements
  • Inspecting the flue pipe to ensure its function levels
  • Checking all accessible ductwork for leaks, debris, or mold

Routine HVAC maintenance is a service you want to set up. Jamison Heating & Cooling Services can get you on a quarterly maintenance plan, so you never have to worry about surprise breakdowns.

Call Jamison Heating & Cooling Services in Fullerton, Placentia, La Mirada, CA, and surrounding areas today. Let us provide your heater maintenance and get you on a routine HVAC maintenance program.

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