Furnace Installation In Fullerton, CA

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Furnace Installation In Fullerton, Placentia, La Mirada, CA and Surrounding Areas

Are you looking for a reliable furnace installation company in Southern California? Look no further than Jamison Heating and Cooling Services in Fullerton, Placentia, La Mirada, and the surrounding areas. We provide quality furnace installation at competitive prices, and our customer service is second to none. From choosing the new unit to installing it correctly, Jamison Heating and Cooling Services is the company you want to work with. We will install a new furnace to get you comfortable indoors again quickly.

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You need a new furnace. But what do you need to know?
If you’ve learned it’s time to replace your furnace, give Jamison Heating & Cooling Services a call.

Your HVAC System

Understand that furnace installation is only part of the work required. Your furnace is located inside your home, usually in an attic or basement. And your air conditioner (AC) is located outside next to your home. Properly matched, an AC and a furnace combine to create a complete heating and cooling system. The evaporator coil in the indoor unit and a series of pipes (refrigeration lines) connect the inside and outside units.

Refrigerant is the substance that circulates through indoor and outdoor refrigeration lines. Air ducts act as tunnels leading to the rooms in your home. Lastly, a thermostat controls your home’s temperature by communicating with different parts of the system.

Before you ask for installation, you should

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Know Your HVAC System Type

What type of existing furnace do you have? A furnace can be electric, natural gas, or utilize a heat pump or boiler system. The three most popular furnace types are electric, gas, and oil.

  • Electric: An electric furnace may be the best option if you live in an area with mild winters. They tend to have lower initial costs, but their electricity bills can get pricey.
  • Gas: Many people prefer gas furnaces to electric ones because these types of furnaces heat up quickly. Although the initial cost is higher, the monthly operating costs are lower.

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Use a Reputable Company

Furnace installation should be done by an experienced professional. Jamison Heating & Cooling Services can ensure your furnace installation gets done right the first time. They are familiar with the top brands and understand there are nuances to every installation. They are trained, certified, insured, and licensed in furnace installation.

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Count on Jamison Heating & Cooling Services for the life of your system

As a homeowner, you need to be able to rely on someone you can trust to fix any issues you have with your HVAC system. Building a solid relationship with a contractor means they not only know your home, but you can also rely on them if something breaks down. Just as it is better to have a regular physician, building a good relationship with a dependable contractor will give you peace of mind years after your furnace installation is complete.

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Understand Your Warranty Coverage

When you purchase a new furnace and have it installed, you are purchasing a warranty that comes with it. Reconsider choosing another brand if your furnace does not come with a warranty. Most top manufacturers cover your new furnace with parts and labor. A limited warranty can ensure that most repairs and part defects are covered. Limited warranties can range from 5-10 years, depending on the brand. Ask your Jamison Heating & Cooling Services dealer about the benefits of purchasing an additional extended warranty. They can guide you on the long-term benefits and estimate if it would save you money in the event of unforeseen issues or if an extra contract is deemed unnecessary.

Benefits of Installing a New Furnace

Technology has advanced, with new furnaces using less energy to heat your home than previous models. AFUE ratings have been federally mandated to ensure consumers get the most efficient products. AFUE stands for Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency. It measures how efficiently a furnace converts fuel to heat. The higher the AFUE rating your furnace has, the more money you will save on your monthly energy bills.

Financing Can Make Furnace Installation a Stress-Free Decision

If a new furnace wasn’t on your radar and is now a surprise expense, do not worry. With our financing options, Jamison Heating & Cooling Services can help make your furnace purchase more affordable. Contact us if you need a new furnace installed. We will take care of you.

Call us today for all your furnace installation needs. Jamison Heating & Cooling Services in Fullerton, Placentia, La Mirada, and the surrounding areas can install your furnace correctly! Let us take care of you and your HVAC system.

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